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We Are The Brunchers!

Set on the same spot as one of the most beloved Italian Restaurants of the past, “Cosa Nostra”, The Brunchers aspires to once again become a place where Athenians - and visitors from all over the world will create new memories while enjoying delicious meals and happy moments with friends and loved ones!

The dim lighting and heavy decor have been replaced by bright colors and several pop items, but many of the elements of the old Italian have been retained. In the manorial high-ceilinged building with the handmade roof and the black and white tiles on the floor, you will also see the original wood paneling, the impressive marble bar and many vintage objects.


A large banana tree outside and pots of exotic plants inside lighten up the atmosphere. You can choose to sit on the ground floor tables, on the first floor "balcony" or on the sidewalk to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Agias Theklas, one of the most beautiful pedestrian streets in Athens!

Read about us in "Kathimerini"

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Life gave us eggs so we made...

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Let's talk about food...

The menu, curated by chef Iosif Sykianakis, features plenty of egg dishes ranging from classic - such as eggs benedict with bacon, pastrami or smoked salmon -  to more creative proposals, such as the Thessaloniki bun stuffed with Mykonos pork and aged gruyere, accompanied by two poached eggs.

Poached eggs in avocado is an Instagram friendly dish, where the two halves of the fruit are filled with a slightly spicy avocado cream with lime and feta. Two poached eggs are then placed in the middle, to complete this mouthwatering dish. The menu also includes several vegan dishes: fruit salads, almond or coconut yogurts and energy bowls with seeds and fruits.

As for the cocktails, like the light and balanced Aperol spritz, they are signed by the nearby Cava Nectar.

If you are very hungry or feeling like having a late brunch, you 'll find the classic club sandwich and the tex mex tacos with chicken, avocado cream, marinated tomatoes, grated vegetables and cheddar. Some pizzas, spaghetti and two burger options complete the menu, and there is a special menu for children!

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Mouthwatering, delicious, fulfilling!

From carefully selecting the freshest materials, to preparing every plate with love, our goal is to make sure the final result tastes as good as it smells! Take a look below at some of the tasty dishes we offer!

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Mango Caesar Salad

Awaken the senses!

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Eggs Benedict

Flavor to die for!

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The Brunchers Tacos

You will love them!

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Delicious breakfast and the best lattes we’ve had during our time in Athens. If you can make it to this restaurant, we highly recommend it! The service was great and prices were not bad at all!

Mario Didtl


Opening Hours

Come Visit!

Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 16:00 

Saturday - Sunday: 8:00 - 18:00

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Contact Us

Agias Theklas 5, Athina 105 54

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